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Flayk is your family’s central hub where you can organize and share events, activities, everyday tasks, lists, and life in general.

Between coordinating carpools, remembering practices and playoffs, checking off grocery lists, and keeping the house tidy — organizing a family can be chaotic. When things get hectic, Flayk helps you stay cool.

What do you do if the parent-teacher conference runs over schedule and you don’t have time to go home and walk the dog? Flayk the task to your family members. Everyone will get a notification and you’ll find out when someone else has got it covered. Giving you the reassurance you need, all in time to make it to the ballet recital.

Flayk introduces an innovative rewards system that lets you assign point values to specific activities and customize rewards. Family members earn points for completing tasks, which they can exchange for real rewards. The only app on the market that turns checking off to-do lists into a game, Flayk gives your family more incentives to help out.

Like a snowflake, no family is the same. Flayk understands that family extends beyond the people who live under one roof, which is why Premium gives you the option to join multiple families. Flayk is the solution to seamless communication and easy coordination for immediate & extended families, small groups, and organizations.

A message from Flayk’s Founder

“Some families may seem perfect, but is any family really perfect? A few years ago I started thinking that everyone can use a little help keeping it all together. I wanted something that would take you above and beyond group texting, sticky notes, and calendar magnets on the fridge, because in today’s fast-paced world families need real-life solutions. That’s when Flayk was born. My hope is that Flayk will be your family’s go-to app for everyday life, perfect or not.”

Mike Seeger – Founder, Flayk

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