Family organization made rewarding.

Meet Flayk, your app for family management

Organize. Share. Do. Repeat. Real families live busy lives. Flayk knows that managing your family’s schedules can be hectic. With Flayk, now you can organize your family calendar, share plans, and make sure someone always has each task covered – all in one place. Download for free, on iOS and Android.

All you need to get your family on the same page

Flayked events

Handoff events to other family members

Shared family calendar

See everyone’s schedules and share family events

Customized rewards system

Use points to incentivize task completion

Shared to-do lists

Simplify family grocery shopping and packing lists

Multiple families

One screen to see all families, groups, and teams

Helpful reminders

Automatic reminders and live updates on the go

Points for task completion and participation

Having a hard time convincing your kids to participate in the family schedule or pick up some tasks around the house? With Flayk, family members can earn points for completing tasks and activities, and can use points to redeem customized rewards. Flayk incentivizes staying on schedule and encourages everyone to help keep the family on track.  Decide what will motivate your family — maybe it’s movie night, extra time online, or pizza for dinner. Get creative, it’s up to you. 

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Flayk Features
Premium only $1.99/month
Basic Free
Calendar day view
Shared lists
Add, edit, and Flayk events
Set up recurring events
Send reminders and receive notifications
Invite family members
Profile customization
Rewards system with points-based incentives to complete activities
Option to be part of multiple families or groups
Calendar monthly view
Ad-free experience
  • As a full-time teacher Steve, my husband, isn’t always able to get ahold of me when I’m working. And since he’s interviewing and meeting with people everyday his schedule is often unpredictable. With Flayk you can adjust your schedule for car problems or meetings that go too long.

    - Enza, Kansas City

  • I love the simplicity of adding appointments and keeping track of my entire family all on my phone.

    - Carol, Anchorage

  • Everything I found falls short of managing my entire family’s schedules. How do we keep a family of five on the same page? The Flayk family management app provides a solution for our family’s fast-paced lifestyle.

    - Michelle, San Antonio

  • I love the idea of bringing everyone and everything together in one central app, and then having the ability to see everyone’s tasks and events all at once.

    - Jenn, Quarryville

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